Prompt: Write About a Greek God or Goddess

Brainstorming ideas:

1. Pick a God or Goddess

For example:

Hades: Olympian God of the Underworld

Hera: Olympian Queen of the Gods, Goddess of Marriage & Birth

Athena: Olympian Goddess of Wisdom & War

2. What powers do they hold?

Hades: Has the ability to become invisible.

Hera: Can bless or curse a marriage.

Athena: Holds the ability to invent useful crafts such as: the ship, chariot, plow, and rake.

3. What are they associated with?

Hades: Hades is associated with the pomegranate. While the pomegranate symbolizes fertility, it also symbolizes death. Hades is also associated with the Cypress tree, serpents, and dogs. Specifically Hades is often depicted with a three-headed dog: Cerberus.

Hera: Hera is also associated with the pomegranate due to its connection with fertility. Other symbols Hera is associated with include: peacock, cattle, lotus, and scepter.

Athena: Athena, praised by the city of Athens, is often associated with owls and olive trees. She’s known for crafts such as spinning and weaving; ironically she is also known for peace-weaving.

4. What personality traits are associated with them?

Hades: Hades is depicted as morbid and unforgiving, but not unfair. Hades is often connected to depression, anxiety, and grief.

Hera: Hera holds strong family values but she is also known for her vengeful nature

Athena: Athena is known for her wise advice, however, if she is in a bad mood that day, she will not lend you any helpful words.

5. How are they commonly described physically?

For example:

Hades wears a black robe made of the souls of the Underworld, he sits on a throne made from human bones, and uses with a sinister smile. One would be surprised to catch a glimpse of him because he is surrounded by an helm of darkness that makes him invisible.

Hera wears classic Greek dresses and a silver crown. She often appears to humans as a beautiful older woman or a bird accompanied by a lion.

Athena has dark hair and gray eyes and often carries an owl. She never smiles and walks with both grace and authority. She’s often seen wearing a Corinthian helmet and holding a spear.

6. What are some myths associated with them?

Hades: Zeus gave Hades permission to kidnap his daughter, Persephone. When Demeter, her mother, found out she became enraged and set out a search for Persephone. Helios, powerful sun God who sees all, told Demeter where she was and Demeter demanded Persephone back from Hades. Hades allows Persephone to go, but not without tricking her first. He made Persephone eat pomegranate seeds from the underworld, forcing her to spend 1/3 of each year (winter) in the underworld.

Hera: A mountain nymph named Echo used to distract Hera so she would not catch Zeus cheating. When Hera realized this trick, she cursed Echo to only be able to repeat the last words the person before her said.

Athena: Zeus feared his next child would overthrow him and swallowed his pregnant wife, Metis. Soon after Zeus began to experience piercing headaches and asked Hephaestus to strike him with an axe. Athena sprung from his forehead in full armor with a war cry so powerful that even Uranus and Gaia were terrified. In juxtaposition, Zeus was proud.

My Poem:

Shut up, Hera by Elle Vue

Luminous highlighter glosses my perky cheeks

Buttermilk ribbons tangle in my honey-coated hair

Is it strawberries or wine that smear across my lips?

I’d do anything to feel satin suffocating my hips.

Loose curls and apple blossom hairspray,

Neck perfumed with honeysuckles di primavera,

My eyes flash of amber fires from an astron’s core

Breathe deep, breathe deep, I hold the lotus scepter.

While winesap apple juice coats my swelling throat,

Disfigured words escape with hawk-like flight, target in sight.

Flowers tangle in my bloodied, barefoot toes

All I know is how to pose, do you find me beautiful? 

Published by ellevue

My name is Elle Vue, I am 23 years old, and I have a BA in English Writing from Loyola University New Orleans. In my free time I am an avid reader of 16th & 19th century literature, Greek classics, 1920s novels, and all philosophy. I also enjoy ballet, French, fashion, and painting (though I am not a great painter).

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