Shut Up, Hera by Elle Vue

Luminous highlighter glosses my perky cheeks

Buttermilk ribbons tangle in my honey-coated hair

Is it strawberries or wine that smear across my lips?

I’d do anything to feel satin suffocating my hips.

Loose curls and apple blossom hairspray,

Neck perfumed with honeysuckles di primavera,

My eyes flash of amber fires from an astron’s core

Breathe deep, breathe deep, I hold the lotus scepter.

While winesap apple juice coats my swelling throat,

Disfigured words escape with hawk-like flight, target in sight.

Flowers tangle in my bloodied, barefoot toes

All I know is how to pose, do you find me beautiful? 

Published by ellevue

My name is Elle Vue, I am 23 years old, and I have a BA in English Writing from Loyola University New Orleans. In my free time I am an avid reader of 16th & 19th century literature, Greek classics, 1920s novels, and all philosophy. I also enjoy ballet, French, fashion, and painting (though I am not a great painter).

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