Prompt: Write About Water

by Elle Vue

Think about:

  • Symbolism
    • Rebirth, renewal
      • Purification
    • Life
    • Reflection
    • Motion
  • Where water is found
    • Ocean
    • Rain
    • Tears
    • Bath
    • Waterfalls
  • What functions does water serve?
    • Hydration
    • Swimming
    • Beauty
    • Cleansing
    • Cooking
    • Steaming
  • How does water entice the senses?
    • Is the water cold or warm? Is this shocking or soothing?
    • Salty or fresh? Does it smell like swamp or ocean?
    • Clean or dirty? Is it murky or clear? Drinkable or undrinkable?
    • How does your body react when touching or drinking water?
    • What do you see in the water or what do you think of when you see the water?
  • What different forms can water take?
    • Ice
    • Steam
    • Boiling
    • Clouds

Published by ellevue

My name is Elle Vue, I am 23 years old, and I have a BA in English Writing from Loyola University New Orleans. In my free time I am an avid reader of 16th & 19th century literature, Greek classics, 1920s novels, and all philosophy. I also enjoy ballet, French, fashion, and painting (though I am not a great painter).

4 thoughts on “Prompt: Write About Water

  1. I think it’s called a “typo.” Not sure if you’ve ever heard of one but it’s when you make a mistake when typing (in America the “e” is next to the “r”). I hope you found this clarifying!
    If, on the other hand, you’re asking what I classify as cliche writing, it is writing that revolves around overused tropes and lacks originality.


  2. Oh dear, I am sorry!
    Laughing, but sorry…
    I feel as though I have been severely chastised, a dozen lashes with a damp earthworm.
    And I do very much appreciate the information on the layout of the QWERTY keyboard.
    I heartily agree with your classification, and hope that this comment does not fall into that category.
    Thank you for the smiles.


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