Prompt: Write About Fruit

Think About:

  • The symbolism of the fruit as a whole
  • The juices:
    • The color, texture smell
    • What is the juice similar to?
      • Blood, spit, mud, etc.
  • The “meat“:
    • The color, texture, smell
  • The seeds:
    • Are they big or small?
    • Are they edible? Why aren’t they edible? Can you easily plant them?
    • Is there one or many?
    • Are they hidden or visible?
    • What can seeds symbolize?
  • The skin
    • How the skin looks and feels
    • Is the skin protective? Is it edible?
  • The tree/vine the fruit grows on
    • Do you have to wait for the fruit to fall? Can it be easily plucked from a vine?
    • Is the tree large or the vine invasive?
  • Geographic location of the fruit
    • What country or region does the fruit grow in?
    • How much sun or water does the plant need?
    • What type of climate does the fruit like?
  • Types of people eating the fruit
    • Who is eating this fruit?
      • A liar eating an apple? A dying person eating pomegranates?

I hope this finds everyone well and happy writing!

–Elle Vue

Published by ellevue

My name is Elle Vue, I am 23 years old, and I have a BA in English Writing from Loyola University New Orleans. In my free time I am an avid reader of 16th & 19th century literature, Greek classics, 1920s novels, and all philosophy. I also enjoy ballet, French, fashion, and painting (though I am not a great painter).

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